Re: COVID-19, appointments through April 16th will be done via phone/distance reiki.


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"After every session I feel so much better both spiritually and physically that I literally can not wait for my next one. My mood swings are now under control and I generally feel more relaxed and calm, ready to take on the day! Thank you so much." 
- John D., Fort Collins, CO

"I was nervous and unsure at the beginning of my session, but as I began to relax and trust that my healing would begin, I completely gave myself over to the feelings and emotions being brought to the surface. After the session I was emotional for a bit and then I felt calm and relaxed. For the last couple of days I have felt calmer and more sure of myself. I plan on having more sessions, as I continue to heal emotionally. I am very thankful that I was introduced to this type of healing. Thank you, Violet Fox. I am forever grateful for your healing powers." 
- Ann W., Fort Collins, CO 


 "My session was so peaceful and relaxing. Everything Nichole said was right on. This was exactly what I needed 
and I feel great!" 

- Jamie S., Fort Collins, CO

"Such deep insight and healing. I felt so much better and more confident in myself and my abilities." 

- Kate C., Fort Collins, CO

"Nichole was so calming to be around for my very first ever Reiki session. I went in not knowing what to think, and walked out on top of the world! Days later and I still feel myself learning from this experience and pondering with wonder all that Nichole and I discussed after our session. She was able to hit on some seriously thought provoke and difficult things I have been struggling through, and now I feel like I have another tool to use when the issues arise! Thank you, Nichole, for all that you have done for me already, and cheers to what is to come through future Reiki sessions!" 

- Britney B., Fort Collins, CO


  "Nichole has an honest and genuine way of applying her intuitive and empathic powers. I saw her yesterday morning and turned my whole world upside down, or right side up :) much loves." 

- Morgan D., Fort Collins, CO  

"Had a remote healing, felt so relaxed and clear. Interpretation of what needed healing was spot on! Thank you so much. Looking forward to more sessions." 

- Lisa L., Irvine, CA

"Nichole was right on I have had other readings that where like the one she did for me it's like she and the other readers got together and told her to say what I needed to hear!! it was like it could have been the same reading!!! Thanks Nicole and I am going to work hard at bringing in those things I desire!!!!!" 
- Kelly B.

"It was quite amazing!!! My first time and I was intrigued." 
- Sherlauna S., Fort Collins, CO

"Once again lovely service, very helpful and direct xxx" 
- Cheryl R., UK