Re: COVID-19, appointments through April 16th will be done via phone/distance reiki.


 My real name is Nichole, and I am the mama of four incredible little souls, and married to the most incredible man! The journey to my awakening was a long and arduous one (aren't they all?), but I feel the timing was absolutely perfect. I have spent quite some time learning meditation, researching topics of spiritual enlightenment, and generally on a mission to connect with my higher self. My entire life I have been an empath/intuitive, and while in my teen years I denied my abilities and gifts, I have been blessed to reconnect with them, and to discover that they are stronger than ever. My intentions have always been to help other people heal, feel loved, and cared for. When I came across Reiki the first time, I shrugged it off. I wasn't spiritually ready yet. I still had some challenges to live through before my soul would allow me such an awakening.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I find myself suddenly having relocated my little family to Fort Collins, Colorado, seemingly on a whim. On a weekend trip up here to secure housing, I stumbled across Roller Derby, and instantly felt I just HAD to do it. It was through there that I met my Reiki Master-Teacher, although it would be a year before I knew she was one!

My spiritual journey continued fairly rapidly over the course of a couple of months, and I struggle to pinpoint the exact reason as to what started it all. I just knew I needed to. I reconnected with my Reiki Master-Teacher, and through her group, discovered she was teaching classes and giving attunements. Again, I just HAD to be there! Basically, at the last minute, the funds came through to allow me to take her next class. Hours of meditation were done in preparation for my attunement (which isn't necessary, but I was compelled to doing as much work as possible before the class, in hopes of being as open as possible to the attunement). I even did a 24hr water fast the day before, as well (again, NOT necessary, but I have experience with fasting).

The class was mind blowing, and words cannot begin to describe all that occured there! I will say that I was forever changed down to my core DNA - I swear! My life was completely altered after that. And it has only been getting better every day since! During the class, I discovered that I was able to utilize my empathic abilities to further my healing with Reiki, and have been doing an average of two to three sessions daily ever since. And each time, my ability gets stronger. The same goes for other practitioners - the more they practice, the stronger they get. Everyone has different gifts and abilities, and by using them along with the power of Reiki, amazing things transpire in the sessions.

I am now a Reiki Master, as well as Tarotist, and I plan to complete my training as Reiki Master-Teacher. This is a life altering force, and it can only do good! I have seen the evidence not just in myself, but in my family members and friends as well. There is so much healing that is needed in this world, and I am driven to do all that I can to aid in that quest.

So what's with the "Violet Fox"? Well, in Reiki, spirit guides are often called upon to assist in the healing, and it just so happens my spirit animal (also called an animal totem, or power animal) is a red fox. And no, I didn't take an online quiz to discover that! This came during an intense meditation, and was basically out of nowhere when it came to mind. The "violet" is because when I received my attunement, I began seeing colors. When I am giving a Reiki session, I most often see the color violet. Then one day, while contemplating my experience with Reiki, "The Violet Fox" just seemed like the correct name for the Reiki energy that flows through me. I guess you could say that during a session, I let the Violet Fox run free!

*Current Reiki attunement: Level III, Master