In today's world, it can be easy to lose ourselves in the mix of computers and phone screens. Filters allow us to neglect things we dislike facing, and create a false sense of self and security. 

It is my mission to guide you through the process of breaking down those walls and barriers, to allow you to fully step into the phenomenal being that you truly are. You are more than an online presence. You are more than a relationship identity (ie: wife, husband, son, daughter, etc.). 

You are a universal being, and a beacon of radiant love and light. My intention is to lead you to place within yourself that allows you to embrace your spirit, love bravely, and live unapologetically. That is your birthright. That is your purpose. 

Release the fear, pain and emotional traumas that bind you and prevent you from stepping out into this world with excitement and passion. Become the person you were before you were unfairly judged by others. Own your power. Unlock your potential in all areas of your life. You are here because you are divine energy. You are here to create and manifest your desires. 


The Violet Fox is available for events. Whether for speaking engagements, or to provide Tarot/Oracle readings, Violet is always happy to help you make your event memorable! 

Please contact Violet Fox directly to discuss and book! 

Pricing will vary on event type and location.

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